Api Documentation

Check out the automatically generated API Documentation that describes how to use the APIs and includes code samples in multiple languages.

The API Console allows you to directly interact with the API right here in the testing portal!

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Requesting Authorization

To be authorized to use your company's specific API information and to fully use the site's testing features like Try it and your API Subscription Keys, you’ll need to open a request with Customer Care.

  1. Email support@directscale.com.

  2. You can also navigate to the Help Center page or Admin sites and click the Help button.

If a partner or 3rd party developer would like authorization to a company's API information, it's recommended that the company put in the request on their behalf.

To be granted access in an efficient and protected manner, Customer Care needs specific information:

  • The first and last name of the person receiving access.

  • The email address of the person receiving access.

  • A basic message to begin your request.

  • Your company’s client ID.

  • Which environment to give access to: Live, Stage, or both.

  • If the request comes from a partner or 3rd party developer, Customer Care needs proof that the company has authorized access for them. This is best done through email. Screenshots of company approval will do, but they must clearly show that it came from the company.

This is to maintain security compliance.

Locating Your API Keys

Once authorized, your API Key is available in your Profile.

In your Profile, under Your subscriptions, you'll find your API Subscription Keys.

You can click Show to display your key; however, in the Try It testing tool, your key will insert automatically.